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Outgoing Mail Outsourcing: Save Money

Thursday, July 19, 2018

There are several benefits to working with NPI Mailing. We can help outsource outgoing mail room duties performed by printers or business mail room. We can help save you money with regards to the following:

  • Staffing issues
  • Capital expenditures
  • Labor costs
  • Floor space
  • Meter equipment lease commitments
  • Transportation costs
  • USPS postage expenses

Rest assured we can get the job done. We'll ensure the following expectations will be met by the following:

  • Work with you to determine service levels and report performance metrics on a predetermined basis.
  • Provide the facilities, skilled personnel, and mailing technologies.
  • Prepare and transport mail to USPS Postal Services facilities.
  • Interact with USPS and stay up-to-date on all postal regulations.
  • Pre-sort outgoing mail to consistently achieve the absolute minimum USPS postal rates
  • Pass back all USPS postal savings to you.
  • Generate activity and cost-tracking reports in required detail

And more...Give us a call and let us know how our services can benefit your bottom line.

Postal Optimization Trends for 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mail is mail right? Like many industries seeing their model being upended, the mail delivery industry is also seeing some movement from the traditional delivery and receving methods. I'd like to comment a few of the trends you'll see continue to move foward in 2017

1) End-to-End Tracking on Steriods. This is interesting development and allows customers to track packages whether inbound or outbound mail shipments. We can use the tracking data to pin-point problems at the most granular level than in the past  which in turn can help you re-allocate resources to improve or remedy issues. This also can tie into a customer's customer relationship management system and more. 

2) Intelligent Lockers. No they can't talk, but watch out. LOL  Again, I've talked about this before, but whether you are large enterprise or an large fulfillment organization, being able to utilize a centralized hub to make deliveries can cut costs. Customers and recipients can get notification that the package/mail has arrived and additional software can verify that it has been picked up. Cool stuff.

3) Large Volume Data Metrics. Data is in the details!! We work with large volume mailers and the first question is often...did it get mailed? By automating the tracking, you can anticipate issues, improve processes and eventually be more cost effective and improve results. The data drives and improves decision making. No one ever thought that mailing could be so interesting? With large volume mailers, even the most minute improvements can make a HUGE difference.


Personalized Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Technology Converge

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Today, personalized direct mail and digital ads can be served to magnify a campaign effort to connect and compel your audience into action. Digital ads can be synchronized to launch when triggered by the arrival of your personalized direct mail piece in the mailbox. Then you can augment with a PURL or landing page on your website. Digital ads appears across all devices

This allows you to focus on your ‘best’ prospects. Digital ads only charge when viewed. Unlike digital remarketing, no prior visit to the website is required. This ideal for high value offers and products. Plus, you have some pretty decent tools to measure performance and results on a continual basis. This allows for adjustments in the duration and level of spend as well.

Team up your personalized direct mail with some great new digital methods to maximize your spend and response with NPI. ;)

Business to Me Postal World--Click and Collect

Monday, May 2, 2016

Consumers want choice in the postal delivery world. This is growing and the expectation and demand for personal choice for delivery timing and location is putting pressure on service providers...like us. Control for consumers is all but at their finger tips. The ONLY part that they still lack is the precise time and place they actually touch the object. 

The growth of ecommerce has unfortunately created a log jam at the end of the buying process. Too many packages, mailers all requested to arrive at the same time creates issues and delays. The customer is now inconvenienced and the buying experience tainted.

There are several new concepts and programs emerging to address this issue. One is 'Click and Collect'. This is where the consumer can obtain delivery anytime, anywhere at any speed. Another related concept is the drone delivery--and we all know that isn't too far down the road. The last option and most widely used is the automated parcel locker system. This last concept gives a consumer 24/7 access to any carriers package whether USPS, Fedex or others. The lockers would be wide spread and have easy access. This concept is being used in Europe to some extent and may gain traction with the help of mail delivery leaders like Amazon.

Rest assured, that the services at NPI Mailing will be able to help you with new delivery methods and programs...even drones. Now if I could only get the drones to deliver me lunch...then I would be set. 

Mobile Devices and Mail Converge

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mobile devices have changed how consumers’ interact with your mail piece and your brand. NPI Mailing can work with you to help you understand the how mobile channels can enhance your direct marketing efforts before, during and after your audience receives the mailing.

Your audience is more likely than ever to go right to a mobile device to search for your product or service after reading your mailer. As technology accuracy and data collection has improved, you can now reach a specific consumer with relevant offers across mail, digital and social in ways that weren’t possible not long ago.

By increasing the number of touchpoints with the prospective customer improves the potential for response. Including keywords and pURLs in your mail campaign and integrating with SEO and SEM strategies will help ensure your targets get to the information you want them to find quickly and easily.


Postal Rate Increase in 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

If you are not aware, the postal rates are set to increase on Sunday, January 17, 2016 for commercial priority mail. Rates will increase as little as 7% up to almost 20% for some classes of mailing. For more information goto the postal rate increase.

Welcome to our NEW website!

Monday, January 4, 2016

We finally updated our website. Gone is my picture from the homepage. I'm sure everyone will miss it. LOL. I'm not getting any prettier so we made the executive decision to remove. Kidding aside, we are very pleased to be launching the new website. It is clean and up-to-date, something you probably can't say for every site on the Internet today. Our customers will notice improved functionality with their projects that are managed on the password-protected area of the site. This is a place where many of our customers go to manage their projects with us. If you haven't been there yet, maybe you should start?

Again, thank you for your business and we glad to kick-off 2016 with something new and IMPROVED. Paul